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Mobile App Development in the Enterprise: What’s Next?

Mobile App Development in the Enterprise: What’s Next?

Mobile apps are expected to drive more than $38 billion in revenue by 2015, and enterprises have joined the cause. Not only has there been a significant shift in how enterprises develop and deploy software (enterprises now deploy more apps for employee internal use (22%) than consumers (12%), but smartphones have become the dominant interaction […]

Announcing the Second B2B IT Forum – “Cracking the Code in Enterprise Sales”

In June we hosted the inaugural B2B IT Forum, a new event series that focuses exclusively on rapidly emerging enterprise IT technologies. That event, which focused on cloud security, brought together some great local minds; we enjoyed hearing presentations from CloudLock, Copiun and Content Raven, and meeting people who share our interest in enterprise IT. […]

Introducing the B2B IT Forum

Ascent Venture Partners is hosting a new series of meet-ups called the B2B IT Forum, with the inaugural event taking place on June 26th. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs and new companies in the Enterprise IT space. This will be not only a chance for you to learn about promising startups focused on rapidly emerging enterprise technologies, but also to hear from leaders of established, larger companies.