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StartApp Hits the Billion Download Mark

StartApp Hits the Billion Download Mark

StartApp Hits the Billion Download Mark

Ascent portfolio company StartApp has been on an incredible ride over the last 18 months, and recently achieved its biggest milestone yet in its young history: one billion downloads. (As the linked video clip persuasively notes, this is a very big number.)

The rapid growth of StartApp speaks to the mobile industry problem it solves. The Company offers an ingenious solution for app developers who have struggled to effectively monetize apps on the Android platform. (Android owns a bigger market share than iOS, but when it comes to competing app stores, Apple developers have enjoyed greater returns on their apps.) Perhaps not coincidentally with StartApp’s rise, Android developers recently have made significant progress in closing the revenue gap with iOS.

We firmly believed StartApp was an innovative and potentially game-changing technology when we invested in the company in March 2012.That conviction has been validated as StartApp has sped past numerous milestones – 50 million downloads, 150 million downloads, 500 million downloads, to more than a billion downloads today.

StartApp’s momentum has not gone unnoticed by the industry: in the past year and a half leading technology publications have covered the Company’s meteoric rise, including:



Congratulations to CEO Gil Dudkiewicz and team on achieving this extraordinary milestone! If the first 18 months are any indication, StartApp is going to have an exciting and remarkable future. We are thrilled to be working with them.

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