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Excited to be working with Connected2Fiber

Excited to be working with Connected2Fiber

Excited to be working with Connected2Fiber

Boston-based Connected2Fiber just announced a new round of funding, which we lead along with Osage Ventures and existing investors Nauta Capital and NXT Ventures. So why did we invest?

C2F has built a SaaS platform specifically for sales and marketing in the $80B global networking and communications industry. What is unique and compelling about their offering is that it comes pre-loaded with the information that sales people need to figure out where to target their efforts, what kind of proposals to make, and how to compete most effectively. It also provides customers’ partners with accurate visibility into where services are available – especially critical in the communications world. The company is founded and lead by Ben Edmond, a highly successful veteran of the telecom industry who teamed up with a few of his best and brightest former colleagues to build a solution to a problem that they have lived with for decades.

The company already has more than 60 customers, including some of the leading players in the industry. The C2F platform has six key modules available, with a steady stream of additions planned for 2018. It is clear to us that this is a team that knows how to grow rapidly and position themselves to be the go-to provider in their market.

We could not be more excited to work with and support Ben and his team as they build Connected2Fiber into the leading sales and marketing platform for this enormous and rapidly changing industry.

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