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Congratulations, Copiun

Congratulations, Copiun

Congratulations to Puneesh Chaudhry and the Copiun team on their recent acquisition by Good Technology, and to Puneesh personally for his 40-under-40 nomination by the Boston Business Journal. Puneesh is a friend and Copiun is a local company we’ve followed for over a year. Puneesh deserves a lot of credit for foreseeing the enterprise world’s movement toward consumerization and BYOD, and building a company that solves mobile access challenges.

Copiun’s software allows mobile users to securely access corporate data without a VPN connection or firewall configuration using a personal smart phone or tablet. As Puneesh discussed at June’s B2B IT Forum, employees do not want to be told which devices they can use for work, yet secure file sharing and data syncing are now must-have elements of productivity and collaboration for an increasingly mobile, remote, and diverse workforce. Enterprise mobility, therefore, has become a very hot sector in recent years. Organizations that do not support BYOD initiatives are now the minority.

We wish Copiun the best of luck in their new working relationship with Good Technology, and will continue tracking their innovations in the secure mobile collaboration space.

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