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ClickFox Named to ‘Greatest Industry-Disrupting Startups of 2012’ List

ClickFox Named to ‘Greatest Industry-Disrupting Startups of 2012’ List

Forbes last week listed the “10 Greatest Industry-Disrupting Startups of 2012,” citing “amazing” companies rapidly transforming industries that affect our daily lives. It was nice to see one of our portfolio companies, ClickFox, recognized in the article. Ascent has seen extraordinary innovation, both within our portfolio and the broader market, from companies that create business value from source data that previously either could not be accessed or was ignored. Typically described as “Big Data Analytics,” this trend will transform enterprise IT and remains a core investment theme for Ascent.  ClickFox is an emerging leader in arguably the most important Big Data segment:  optimizing customer interactions.  We congratulate Marco Pacelli and team on this well-deserved recognition.

Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ilyapozin/2012/07/19/10-greatest-industry-disrupting-startups-of-2012/

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