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Transforming E-commerce Marketing with Sidecar

Transforming E-commerce Marketing with Sidecar

I’m excited to announce Ascent’s newest portfolio company, Sidecar, the leader in programmatic, product-level advertising. We at Ascent have been active investors in the ad tech space with companies like Bizo (acquired by LinkedIn for $175M) and StartApp (Deloitte’s #1 fastest growing tech company in the US ). We’ve seen the power of advanced analytics […]

Observations from Dreamforce 2012

I was at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference yesterday with 95,000 of my closest friends. Seriously, that’s how many people registered for this event. It’s an impressive display of organizational prowess and the Salesforce team puts on a great show. The keynote yesterday morning featured lots of slick videos and loud music. It also included appearances by […]