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Congrats to Codeship – Ranked as a Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendor by Forrester

Congrats to Codeship – Ranked as a Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendor by Forrester

Ascent Portfolio company Codeship was recently ranked as a Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendor by Forrester’s Wave™ report, surpassing competitors like IBM, Atlassian, and JetBrains (see the report here: Forrester Wave Report on Continuous Integration tools).

According to Forrester, Codeship excelled due to its product vision and execution for the Codeship Pro product and the company’s overall market presence. Forrester further mentioned market share, partner support, and customer satisfaction as additional points of strength highlighting the company’s contribution to the overall software development community.

When we invested in Codeship, we were excited by the Company’s strong standing in the developer community and their forward looking commitment to cloud-based tools for a container-centric world. The Codeship team continues to push forward with product innovations and I’m especially excited by the enhancements they are offering for larger enterprise organizations embracing technologies like Docker. Forrester sees the importance of these trends and wrote, “Application Development & Delivery leaders strengthen their organization with Continuous Integration solutions which automate software delivery and fit in well with other parts of the tool chain. Codeship sees the future, and it’s Docker.”

Some other interesting findings from the Forrester Wave Report on CI Tools included:

  1. Continuous Integration tool adoption in large organizations is growing as the move to DevOps is becoming more and more common
  2. Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) organizations get more global and distributed, thus establishing modern CI tools to facilitate this change
  3. The pace in which companies are driving software automation is a lot faster than previously expected
  4. Large software development teams start to get turned into smaller, autonomous teams

For additional information about the report you can read this blog post by Codeship’s co-founder and VP Marketing, Manuel Weiss.

Congrats, Codeship!


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