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2018 Ascent Recap

2018 Ascent Recap

Welcome to Ascent’s 2018 recap blog post. We couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to work with the smartest, most passionate and kind entrepreneurs and investors on a daily basis. 2018 was filled with lunchtime laughter, personal and professional growth, and plenty of new projects. We look forward to working with you in 2019 […]

Talent Acquisition Tech: It’s About Automation, Not AI. Yet.

At HR Tech 2018 “Artificial Intelligence” was the phrase of the week, slapped onto as many tag lines as possible.  But after demo-ing many technologies at the Expo, I’m not convinced we’re there yet.  HR tech tends to lag most other industries, and according to research by Future Workplace only 6% of TA leaders are […]

How the Splash Customer Team Transformed the Company

Customer account management, which includes customer success, customer support and implementation is the key to a growing a SaaS business.  This department, which typically develops after sales and engineering, is often the difference between business success or failure because its main function is to keep your existing customers happy and growing.  Without it, SaaS companies […]